Campaign against street harassment seeks to eradicate inappropriate behavior in the district July 10


In the Barrio 10 de Julio, a traditional sector of Santiago Centro recognized for its workshops and spare parts, and its men of overalls walking the streets, the launch of Campaign #FrenemosElAcosoCallejero.

Through information and flashy stickers that allude to the culture of the place, seeks to curb machista behavior, such as displaying calendars with naked women or praise, thus promoted a cultural change in a residential area and through which thousands of students pass.

The initiative, promoted by counselor for Santiago, Natalia Contreras (RD), seeks to raise awareness about the effects of street harassment among the predominantly male population working in the sector.

"It's important to raise awareness, especially where sexist practices are more ingrained. We've already made some visits to the sector, where it's been nice to talk to workers and tenants who are very willing to participate in the campaign because it's clear that today there's a concern higher by the citizens, "said the communal authority. .

Tomorrow, between 11 am and 2 pm, Alderman Contreras and deputies Giorgio Jackson and Natalia Castillo (RD), together with neighbors and community volunteers, will visit the sector by talking to citizens and inviting them to paste the stickers of #FrenemosElAcosoCallejero in the mechanics workshops and local sales of auto parts; In fact, in its aim of being relevant, the sticker refers to a car braking.

This campaign is part of a municipal ordinance against street harassment, presented in July this year by Alderman Contreras and, as he points out, "is a broader and more inclusive decree than that of other municipalities, as it incorporates sanctions against all types of street harassment, be it sexual, against migrants, disabled or any other person regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity. "

The #FrenemosElAcosoCallejero campaign includes activities such as an information booth and an open microphone to discuss the issue at Coquimbo Street Fair, near San Francisco, which will run from 11 am to 2 pm. At the same time, it will be promoting and distributing stickers on the streets of this emblematic sector.


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