Camila Vásquez ended the dispute for Rojo for the third time: viewers criticized her show | TV and Show


A new day of elimination was experienced this Friday Red, in which the dancer Camila Vásquez was eliminated for the second time in the current space season.

Even the feared "Friday of elimination" has come Francisco Solar, Xiomara Herrera, Pablo Ñancucheo and the artist mentioned, who was also part of the first season.

In the process of elimination, the vote of the spectators determined that Ñancucheo got another week in the talent program of TVN.

On the other hand, the jury determined that Herrera had the merits to get rid of the decisive line of elimination, to which Solar and Vásquez arrived.


At this stage, the young man had the support of Xiomara, Rodrigo Canobra and Pablo. While Camila was voted only by Ernesto Bravo and Juan Matamala.

At the time of retirement, the 19-year-old said, "I always said what I thought. I thought I would never get a chance like that, it helped me a lot to grow."

Viewers followed this elimination process closely. The criticism that was repeated in the social networks was a supposed lack of variants in the shows of Camila when she was in the chapel, since, according to them, He has always called for dancing bachatas and performing similar choreographies.

Tonight will be the elimination of singers in the Red Star.

Then we invite you to review the reactions of the young dancer's elimination.


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