Saturday , October 23 2021

Camila and Dana screamed their love in March for pride


"How I love the sea, how I love sand and sun, I love women … At the count of three … 1,2,3 … Tortillera Yes, but immensely happy," wrote Camila Recabarren in her Instagram on 22 Of april.

With these words, former Miss Chile and now one of the most popular influencers in the country, publicly acknowledged her lesbianism, in addition to revealing her pole with Dana Hermosilla, confessions that break social networks.

In the last two months, Camila has played a much more active role in defending the rights of the LGBT + community, so yesterday she was present at the March for Pride that happened in Alameda.

However, the former reality girl was not alone. Beside her, Dana marched on the couple's first public appearance after saying they were together, carrying a screen that advocates homoparental adoption.

"I came with my family and friends because we are supporting the cause that gays and lesbians can adopt because there are a lot of kids in the Sename who are expecting a family … and because at some point I would like to adopt with my partner," he said . the model.

Camila's mother, Jacqueline Adaros, said she joined the march to support her daughter. "Cami invited me and I came, it's a way of showing that we support her, not just me, her whole family," he said.

On the other hand, Dana reflected on the participation they had in the march, being her first activity in public and said: "I felt very comfortable, people always showed their love and respect.

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