Call of Duty Analysis: Black Ops 4: Frenetism Returns


As usual every year, Call of Duty renews its delivery, this time it is the turn of the Black Ops saga. And what comes with news!

Name "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" the company Treyarca She was in charge of developing this new plot, much loved by the fans, thanks to her frantic multiplayer online and for the zombie mode (the best of the Call of Duty saga, according to the audience).

For many, we're facing the best Call of Duty in years and is on its way to being one of the best in history.

However, a new game mode comes to revolutionize Call of Duty, we are talking about the way Blackout (BattleRoyal), contrasting with the great absence of campaign mode.

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Let's look in detail at the greatest features of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, multiplayerBlackout (Battle Royale) – Zombies:


Character Levels:

As usual in Call of Duty, we have the option to raise the levels until reaching the master prestige and, on the way, unlock new weapons, prestige icons, objects and streak points that we can use in games and that accommodates us a lot as players, besides being an incentive to continue playing.

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Multiplayer Specialists:

As in Black Ops 3, the Black Ops 4 experts will have their own "special skills ". However, they will also have their own "single piece of equipment ". Both will recharge for a period of time in the game.

Something that caught our attention, were the recycled experts of the old COD, yes they read well, 6 experts already seen in Call of Duty Black Ops 3, with some minor aesthetic changes, but with names similar to the old COD.

We would have liked to see more variety of experts, since they are the soul of multiplayer games, although Treyarch has announced that they can achieve more throughout the year 2019.

The 10 specialists are:





  • AJAX:





  • Ruin

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Multiplayer game modes:

The classic modes of Call of Duty game are back, although with big changes.

Capture the flag, the multiplayer mode used in the competitive, leave this Black Ops 4 and welcome the game mode "Theft" and "Control", a mode that mixes Demolition, Hot Spot and Search and Destroy. Likewise.

In total there is 13 game modes available play at launch; eight in the main playlist of Black Ops 4 and five in playlist end of the game.

In the main game list, fan favorite modes like Hot Spot and Team Duel remain as basic elements of the Call of Duty franchise.

In this sense, we love the variety offered by this COD at its launch, and it's free, what better!

The complete list of game modes is:

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  • Control
  • Heist
  • Low confirmed
  • All against all
  • Search and destroy
  • Domain
  • Hotspot
  • Team Duel

Another of the main features of multiplayer mode are the streaks.

A COD is not the same without the bursts, and the truth … it kills! That yes costs a little more compared to another COD, but if you take them out, you can easily turn a game.

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BLACKOUT (Battle Royale):

One of the great changes introduced by this new Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, is the addition of its own Battle Royale.

Name Blackout, this Battle Royale of Treyarch wants to gain ground in this famous game mode and, at the moment, it worked. Remember this Blackout is the replacement for the absent campaign mode, typical of the Call of Duty saga.

Without a doubt, a way we love and presents a variety over other BattleRoyals.

Handling vehicles in the air, sea and land is something we can do in Blackout, something unusual in a Call of Duty saga

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Map of Blackout:

It is huge!!!

With a ratio of 1500 times greater than the map of Nuketown, the Blackout map is one of the largest maps created for the Call of Duty.

One of the characteristics of Blackout mode is that it has places based on mythical maps of the Black ops saga, which makes it more nostalgic to travel the huge map and kill, kill and kill, and well, sometimes die!

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The map can be traversed on foot to make our route more stealthy, or in the different vehicles that this game mode has for us. However, our roads can be crossed strange events such as zombies that inhabit different sectors of the map. Care in the asylum or cemetery ?


If we buy the standard version of the game we will have three zombie maps ready to play: IX, Journey of Despair and Blood of the Dead. One bedroom zombie map, called Classified, will also be available, but only for players who buy the Season Pass Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 or a special edition of the game.

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Zombie Maps:

  • IX: Defined in Roman hour, IX has a new team of heroes, the crew of Chaos, who they travel back in time and emerge in a coliseum where they face zombies. This map is highlighted because it is set in broad daylight, but after discovering more of the map, you'll discover a dark temple and a network of underground tunnels.

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  • Trip of Despair: this map is located on Titanic after it collided with an iceberg, which means our flock of misfits will have to find a way out to the ship. It's much harder to navigate than IXand features many narrow aisles that make it much easier to catch. To help us a little, there are teleportation portals in some areas around the map. We will also have to fight bosses like Stoker and Blight Father, which is extremely difficult with so little space to move.

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  • Blood of the Dead: it is a Remake of Mob of the Dead's very popular map of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 in the Federal Penitentiary of Alcatraz. This map will have the classic Primis crew that are trapped in purgatory. Blood of the Dead features a same mechanisms and weapons as the original map, such as the Blundergat and the Redeemer of Hell. You will also have access to a special weapon group through the menu Zombies create a class that you can classify during the course of combat, from the Takeo's sword for the Dempsey minigun.

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  • Rated: based in the Pentagon of 1963, where Richtofen, Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai they must face the zombie horde of Samantha once again. This map is a prequel to Five but with some differences from the original map. Something to emphasize is that This map can only be played if you buy the Call of Duty battle pass.

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A Call of Duty that promises to revolutionize this sagaand he is well. Your path BattleRoyal is undoubtedly the star of this new version of Treyarch combined by its mode multiplayer and zombies so appreciated by all of us.

However, we must get used to no longer see the story mode we so much liked, in fact, many people only bought the game by way of history.

The review

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


  • New mode of blackout (Battle Royale)
  • Maps and frantic modes


  • Unstable connection in multiplayer, blackout and zombies
  • The micropayments inside the game
  • Unwrapped weapons

Review division

  • Graphics

  • Sound

  • Gameplay

  • Multiplayer


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