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Burger King will launch a vegetarian Whopper and will confirm the prediction of Bill Gates

For no one is a secret that bill Gates It's one of the brightest minds today. His intellect led him to foresee some events that are now realities and for example it is sufficient to review the plans that Burger King have to Whopper.

The co-founder of Microsoft predicted during 1999 in his book "Business @ the speed of thought", the arrival of smartphones and social networks, while during this year as a guest of MIT Technology Review, he announced technologies that will revolutionize the world.

During this participation, Gates indicated that the "meat" created in laboratories would be part of the future of the food sector in the near future as a response to the ecological trend: "The livestock industry is a major contributor to global warming. This lab meat mimics the texture, flavor and nutritional value of the animal product of plant proteins."

A Whopper with meat that is not meat

This prediction seems to have become a reality after Burger King has tested a vegetarian Whopper by offering a burger made from vegetables that replace meat without losing the texture, flavor and properties promised by beef. .

The announcement that he was baptized as the Whopper Impossible arrived earlier this month when the company detailed that its vegetarian proposal would use "meat that is not meat" made from vegetables from Impossible Foods – a company that develops substitutes based on vegetables for meat and dairy products – the same as He would be tested at 59 sites in and around St. Louis.

If the bet was successful, the firm would think about the possibility of launching the peculiar product throughout the country and that moment arrived.

Conquer a new market?

As indicated by CNN, the experimental phase of the Impossible Whopper was a success, which the fast food chain plans to launch this product in the United States this year.

This move would allow the company to reach a new market, while it would be a great strategy to improve the flow of frequent customers in their establishments, even if they can "love" the company's burgers, they may not be willing to eat meat. of meat every day.

In this way, as Chris Finazzo, president of Burger King North America for CNN, Impossible Whopper, Meat consumers seeking a better balance in your diet. The new product is designed for those who want to eat a burger every day but do not necessarily want to eat meat every day, which will allow enter the (company) restaurants more often ".

In this sense, according to the brand itself, the Impossible Whopper knows the same as the regular Whopper. The vegetarian burgers used in this product are designed to mimic the appearance and texture of the meat when cooked.

A market that grows

The national launch of Impossible Whopper attempts to respond to the public interest that has been generated around plant proteins as a consequence of animal welfare concerns and the environmental impact that industrial agriculture represents.

With that in mind, Bill Gates can add a more complete forecast. And it's not just about what was done by Burger King, data on meat substitutes speak for themselves.

The global meat substitutes market is expected to grow approximately 4 thousand 600 million dollars registered during 2018 to $ 6,400 million in 2023, according to research firm MarketsandMarkets. Indeed, as Beyond Meat – Impossible Foods' main competitor – projected that, over time, the vegetable-based meat market could reach a value of $ 35 billion only in the United States.

The adoption of solutions like the one proposed by Bill Gates will require a solid communication effort so that the consumer understands the reasons of the movement, besides ensuring that the product is of quality.


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