Bureau for Abortion says that the failure of the CT


The Abortion Action Table in Chile protested this day outside the Constitutional Court building, where it repudiated the decision that rejected the regulation of conscientious objection, noting that this measure benefits the private and the clinics.

The movement, which includes some deputies like Maite Orsini and Camila Vallejo, noted that the failure of the TC restricts women's freedoms, hampering the state's duty to secure benefits.

Human rights

Ana Piquer, director of Amnesty International and director of the Office of Action for Abortion in Chile, said that the figure of institutional awareness has no basis in human rights protection systems. "Consciousness has people, not institutions," he said.

Finally, the group urged the State to respect the law approved by democratic decisions such as the Congress, and also emphasized that private health institutions that receive public contributions can not be conscientious objectors and must respond to the guarantees of the State.


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