Bugatti Divo prototypes perform track tests


The first photos of the prototype before the production model of the Bugatti Chiron They were caught on the tarmac and contrary to what you can imagine, they are not spy photos revealed by any means of communication. The images were divulged by the French company of the VAG group and show how the supercar is being subjected to the most rigid reliability and resistance tests, before the entry of series production (very limited, by the way).

Bugatti Divo 1 Prototype Test

Last summer, Bugatti presented Monterey Automotive Week, held in California, a new prototype called Bugatti Divo, a high-performance supercar based on the same platform of Chiron, although it is manufactured in a limited edition.

Bugatti Divo 2 Prototype Test

Even if they use the same platform, the exterior of Divo is totally different from his brother, sporting a much more spectacular and aggressive aerodynamic kit with the classic double blue / black paint on the body made entirely of carbon fiber. Under the rear cover, it has the same 16-liter 8-liter four-turbo engine, which offers 1480 horsepower and 1180 pound-feet of torque.

Bugatti Divo 4 Prototype Test

The French brand has stated that this new model is undergoing difficult road tests, including high speed in extreme temperatures, cIrrigating to 250 kilometers per hour in environments with up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Bugatti Divo 5 Prototype Test

For this reason, the French shipping company does not yet have a delivery date for customers who have ordered this exclusive vehicle, which will be limited to only 40 units, which, by the way, andhave been sold since its introduction in 2018.

For our part, we definitely can not wait to see this beautiful vehicle on the streets, or better yet, destroy records in all the tracks where it is presented, because with speeds up to 450 kilometers per hour, there is no doubt that the Bugatti Divo will create a furor wherever it is seen.

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