Brian Fernández is named: "I would love to return to Chile and be in Colo Colo" | Soccer


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The Argentine striker Brian Fernándezthat played in Union La Calera in the first semester and is currently in Necaxa of MexicoHe assured that I would like to return to Chile and play in Colo Coloclub that was already interested in hiring him in the middle of the year.

Speaking to CDF, Fernández said that "I was in La Calera and I could not get to Colo Colo because I had to wait for the end of the tournament, so today it's running out and I could be going to Colo Colo here, but that does not depend on me anymore, it depends on the clubs. "

"I would love to go back to Chile and be in Colo Colo, it's the club that I still have to play. Chile was a country that gave me everything, I was happy I met many humble people and the people of La Calera adore me as I do them"Continued the striker, who was one of the figures of the first half of the tournament, where he scored 11 goals in 12 games.

For the former player of Racing de Avellaneda, "obviously I would like to share with Paredes, Lucas Barrios and all those guys that are great, but meanwhile I have to keep my head here until the end of my contract, after Necaxa decides what to do with me. I can not say more than that, the day something is closed, you have to see what happens, "he revealed.

"Walls is a beast, I look at all things Colo Colo because it catches my attention. I like Columbus, Racing and Defense and Justice, which are the clubs I like and I just follow, "said Fernandez, who also answered on the track that affects the albos, concluding that" they are approaching three months without achieving victory. I am very aware of them and I hope they have this triumph"


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