Bonco Quiñongo: The unknown comedian who will debut at the Viña Festival | Society


Mayor Virginia Reginato confirmed the humor numbers for the Festival of Viña del Mar and one of the names that the strangeness generated is the one of Bonco Quiñongo.

It is about Conrad Cogle, a 47-year-old comedian born in Santiago de Cuba, although raised in the Santos Suárez neighborhood of Havana.

Although he graduated in construction, he came to fame on the Sabadazo show on local television. In addition, He decided to flee the island in 1999 by going to Spain, leaving behind his two daughters.

According to the newspaper AmericasBonco Quiñongo lived only penury on the peninsula, Where she had to sleep on the street and even worked as a prostitute. Cornered by loneliness and poverty, he finally went to Miami in 2005.

Discovered his talent in the United States, he finally became Permanent Face of TN3 and Hold Who Can (AQP)of America Had. In parallel, he led a career in stand-up comedy.


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