Monday , March 1 2021

Bolsa de Santiago is on its way to close the best month after the triumph of Sebastián Piñera

Go month to the Santiago Stock Exchange. After a 2018 to oblivion, in which he lost 8%, the IPSA resumes as the bird and is on its way to close the best month of January since Sebastián Piñera triumphed in December 2017.

The selective local market accumulates a profit of 5.5% in the first month of the year, which in turn represents the best month of January in six years.

The stock market trend is consistent with Wall Street, which accumulates an increase of more than 7%, gains that reach 10% in Brazil and 9% in Colombia.

According to Pamci Auszenker, Bci's strategy assistant, the profitability of the stock market responds to the less volatile climate that is felt in world markets, "particularly in relation to the commercial war, where the market awaits the meeting. days of today, where the comments point to a breakthrough in negotiations. "

To this is added the more moderate tone on the part of the Federal Reserve regarding the cycle of rate hikes, which has "favorably impacted the markets," added Auszenker.

"The good performance of the stock market in January mainly consists of a" rebound "in the stock markets after the negative reaction exaggerated in December (…) In January, recovered lost ground after a very negative December and 2018 in general bad" , explains the analyst of MBI Inversiones, Sébastien Fresard.

Wall Street accentuates gains after Fed and Dow Jones rebound 25,000 points

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