Boca went to the TAS to remove the bowl for the river


The "Xeneizes" insist on claiming to win the final against the "Millionaires" due to the aggression suffered by the bus that moved the campus to the Monumental.

The Copa Libertadores Superfinal between River Plate and Boca Juniors is still playing off the court. After the aggression suffered by the Xeneizes bus on the way to the Monumental, on November 24, Conmebol decided to suspend the last lap. Days later the main body of South American football rescheduled the duel for December 9 in Madrid.

Boca made a formal complaint so that the final was not challenged and received the title of champion. However, The Disciplinary Tribunal of Conmebol and later the Chamber of Appeals of the South American Confederation rejected the demand of the "Xeneizes".

After these denials, Boca's leadership went to the TAS to suspend the final at the Santiago Bernabéu. 24 hours after the game against River, the international entity with headquarters in Switzerland Denied the order of "Xeneizes" and had to play the final.

But that did not end there. According to the Argentine media "Doble Amarilla", In mid-January, Boca made "formal appearances before the Superior Arbitral Tribunal (TAS) to demand that he receive the title of champion of the 2018 Copa Libertadores, won on the court (the Santiago Bernabeu) by the River. arguments of support on the merits. "

This could be done, since the decision before the match in Madrid said that the underlying issue is not resolved (the points) and the process will remain open unless Boca decides to cancel it.

In this way, Boca is determined to win the 2018 Libertadores final by the secretariat. This decision provoked tense discussions in the leadership, since Some think that winning at the offices is to continue giving a return to a final that was lost with River on the court and show an "unworthy role," as reported by "Double Yellow". The other sector of the managers believes that there are Boca fans who want to keep claiming.

What will happen? The CAS can give its sentence for another six months.


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