Bluetooth 5.1 is official and comes with enhancements to location services


Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) is the entity that oversees the technology of the same name. On date day only present for the 5.1 Bluetooth version.

This variant was certainly expected since 5.0 said it was there in December 2016, more than two years ago.

But focusing on the new version, we will have improvements focused on location. Especially in internal location.

Bluetooth 5.1 bets on location

Bluetooth 5.1 will provide the ability to perform precise location tracking within shopping centers, large cities, buildings and even on different shelves.

They claim that the accuracy can only vary by one centimeter.

also you can determine the address of a Bluetooth connection of a particular device.

Bluetooth location service solutions are generally divided into two categories: proximity solutions and positioning systems. The first is to know when there are two devices close to each other and at what distance.

Including the new address lookup, proximity solutions with this type of connectivity can add the device address feature.

Besides that, a real-time location system is included (RTLS, for its acronym in English) and an internal positioning system (IPS)

Mark Powell, CEO of Bluetooth SIG, delivered the following words:

Location services are one of the fastest growing areas for Bluetooth technology, and are expected to reach more than 400 million products per year by 2022.

This is a great advantage and the Bluetooth community is still looking for ways to continue growing in this market with technological advancements that better respond to market needs, demonstrating the community's commitment to driving innovation and enriching the market's technology expertise. users from all over the world.

Address search functionality is now available to developers via this link.

An estimated date on the market launch of Bluetooth 5.1 has not been reported. You will need to be aware of this if they are revealed later from the Bluetooth SIG.

Source: Bluetooth SIG


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