Blood Pact Actresses Announce Shakeup on Teleseries


Antonia Bosman (Daniela) and Antonia Aldea (Dominga), protagonists of the soap opera Pacto de Sangre, visited our broadcast "Nosotras L4" to see details of how the plot of this thriller Channel 13 will happen.

Both actresses confessed how comfortable they are in recording with great actors and on the quality of the script of the soap opera, which according to them, is the main factor of the success of the nocturnal production.

"They are not black or white, they have nuances that enrich the story," said Antonia Bosman, who in the production plays Daniela Solis, the student murdered by a group of friends in a bachelorette party.

The actresses agreed that the novel is only shifting to drama and that worse things are coming. "This is just the beginning, what Karina was the trigger for and now the shit and it will not stop, "Bosman said.

For his part, Aldea said that within the team are happy with the audience reception of the teleserie, which was reflected in the award for "Best TV of the Year" in the 2014 Gold Copihue.

"We were surprised to win the prize, although we did not do the work to compete with other productions or say" we have to win the Copihue ". But the same is appreciated," said the actress, who in the novel gives life to Dominga and who anticipates that his character will have a more protagonist role in the next chapters.

"It was an impact on Karina's death, she still has to rearticulate with her mother and her father has another issue. She has problems with Ignacio who is very depressed and she (Dominga) is there trying to find her place in all this "


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