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Blizzard offers apologies and reduced punishment for Blitzchung and casters

This week there has been a particularly hot spot for controversy in the Gamer world, as well as many of the sabrán stars during the past weekend. Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wei, I used an interview post match Hearthstone Asia-Pacific Grandmasters, to tune in a sentence in support of the cause in Hong Kong, without any embargo of that, and quickly Blizzard I decided to blur the transmission.

Past this stalemate during the day Blizzard officially communicated that Blitzchung, winner of your week in the tournament of Hearthstone, if you would like them 10,000 USD in prize money and without being able to play an official Blizzard competition for a full yearThe casters who were present when they had been fired.

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This is causing my personas, in defense of the free expression, to turn against the Californian company, creating a so-called hashtag #BoycottBlizzard, from which it could be seen that many of his cancellations were suspended. World of warcraft and the preordens of games like Call Of Duty Modern Warfare and Warcraft III Reforged. Included are even to convert Mei, hero of Overwatch, a symbol in helping the cause in Hong Kong, ideally for which China had decided to eliminate Overwatch and other games of Blizzard of the Chino territory, something similar to what pasó con Winnie the poo in that nation.

Recently and through a statement, the current President of Blizzard entertainment, J. Allen Brack, shared some words on this subject and the changes that will be made for the sanctions in relation to Blitzchung and the casters involved.

In first place Brack reminded his jugadores that the values ​​of Blizzard there is no existence in the company and the initial actions that will be taken of the case have been filed and that no one seeks to protect their economic interests with China.

Part of our values ​​like, “Piensa Globally”, “Leads with Responsibility” and “Every Voice Matters”, we recognize that we have players and fans in practically every country in the world. Our goal is to help the players connect in common areas, such as their pasion through our games, and create a sense of a shared community.

From the specific point of view expressed by Blitzchung, NO FUE is a determining factor in the decision we have made. I want to make it clear: Our relationship with China, I have no influence on any decision.

We have these rules to keep the focus on the game and the turn, for the benefit of the global audience, and that is the only consideration we have taken against any of our actions.

If from the point of view of these statements hubisis been the opposite, but through the same mechanisms used, we had acted in the same way.

Lo sec expressed by J. Allen Brack In the communication one of the things that may be bad, and it will not be given the time to listen more, and think more about the situation, because it is disguised for having reacted too fast.

Over the past few days, several players, casters, sports fans, and employers have expressed concern about how we determine penalties. We have the opportunity to stop, listen to our community, and reflect on what we could do better. In hindsight, our process did not go well, and we reacted too quickly.

Another highlight of the press release is that the President of Blizzard entertainmentel jugador profesional Blitzchung will be able to receive your deserved prize from $ 10,000 USD for earning your week in there Hearthstone GrandmastersHowever, it will not be reinstated to the professional circuit within 6 months, as its suspension has been reduced to a minimum. On the part of the casters, a similar situation is said, so that we will be able to return to their regular functions in the tournaments to which they are required, the result of a suspension of 6 months.

Finally in the statement J. Allen Brack, I expressed that the platform will follow in the same way, and that it will continue to apply the same rules to the tournaments, so that the expression of political ideologies will not be allowed, regardless of the stance they have.

Following this, we will continue to apply the rules of the tournament to ensure that other official transmissions are focused on the games, and not to become platforms for expressing political or social opinions.

On the part of the community there have been divided opinions before the communiqué, but it is clear that Blitzchung and the casters will return to their functions earlier, and not just an apology, this is an explanation that happened during this week.

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