Black Ops 4 receives Operation Absolute Zero, its biggest upgrade since launch. This is what includes


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been a success in its own series on many levels, and Treyarch has plans to keep this formula up to date. Or rather, frozen: o Absolute Operation Zero, the most important update to date, is already played on PS4. And what does that bring to the player?

In essence, Black Ops 4 will reinforce its three main modes with new content and activities (multiplayer, Battle Royale and Zombies) through events, new functions, entry into the Zero scene (a new specialist) and a good variety of new features. And nothing like a trailer to immerse ourselves in the subject.

In fact, according to Treyarch himself, a good part of the adjustments and contents were elaborated through feedback of the own players.

We aggressively monitor daily community comments, and are proud to say that many of the new features and content included in this update were inspired by players' comments.

But, of course, besides the adjustments, the Absolute Operation Zero will be the news and contents included.

Multiplayer News


Zero, the first post-launch expert comes to multiplayer and Battle Royale, and even though we're talking about a hacker, it's really lethal. Among his abilities, he can disrupt his enemies in combat. Of course, to unlock it, we will need to have completed Level 1 of the Black market.

Along with Zero arriving new weapons cameras, reactive cameras, new unlockable networks and three new multiplayer weapons through the Black Market, you can also claim them through the featured playlists.

  • the Daemon 3XB SMG,
  • the SWAT RFT assault rifle
  • the secret weapon of the melee

Blackout News

The news of Battle Royale began yesterday on all platforms, offering a new system of armor repair, improvements in the audio system, a rebalancing of SDM and Spitfire weapons and some seasonal changes across the map. Christmas has come to Call of Duty!

Four characters have been added to the Blackout: the mentioned Zero (of the Black Market) and four personages that can be unlocked of the Zombies mode. In addition, more customization elements and weapons were added.

In relation to the PS4 news, was added a new destination on the northwest of the map inspired by the classic Abducted. And by the way, a new vehicle has been added: the armored ARAV with tower included.

News: Zombies


Three new features come in Black Ops 4 Zombies mode and, best of all, they are totally free:

  • Daily Calls offers daily challenges that add extra XP among other rewards.
  • Authenticity of Black Ops is a system for checking and sharing the results of the online game in which the milestones of each player and their preferences are taken into account as well as the statistics of interest.
  • Finally, with Daily level of jumping to zombies Our progress in Zombies mode will be reflected in the Black Market. For every 15 rounds in Classic Zombies mode completed, we will receive a daily bonus.

Readjustments in the black market and the beginning of the new competitive season

Treyarch took advantage of the update Absolute Operation Zero to upgrade the black market. The goal? that the progression of levels is simpler and more rewarding and, at the same time, adds new types of content.

In addition to previous news (including the Zero specialist) new categories of articles and new and more diverse articles including aesthetic content were included.

Finally, the competitive aspect of Black Ops 4 continues to deepen. Last weekend the first major event in Las Vegas happened and the World League Hub will begin in early 2019 Black Ops 4. Reasons to save to get well in a matter of weapons.


Extra content for the Black Ops Pass

Absolute Operation Zero It arrives today and although many of the content has 30-day temporary exclusivity on PS4, Treyarch has perfected the experience of all modes of Black Ops 4 and, in a way, intertwined several of his major novelties to address the whole experience.

Put another way: Whatever your favorite experience Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, you have the perfect excuse to get involved in any other way and, incidentally, keep an eye on the redesign of the Black Market.


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