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Bitcoin was declared dead 90 times in 2018 | CryptoNews


Bitcoin has no chance of success because it has no value, it has nothing to support but an illusion … "This opinion is Bitcoin's latest" death declaration "on page 99 Bitcoin, whose team is carrying a project called Obituaries Bitcoin. It is a statistic, from 2010, with a count of public opinions, according to which the first cryptoman is "dead."

The collected data reveal that, in the course of 2018, some 90 times have been published opinions of analysts and commentators who say that we are in the presence of the end of Bitcoin. Some of these reports have appeared in such far-reaching media as the New York Post, CNBS, Bloomberg or Forbes.

The quote from the beginning corresponds to an article published on the site SeekingAlpha on December 18, located in statistics as the "latest death" of Bitcoin. A few days earlier, on December 14, media coverage was given to the statement of teenage millionaire Erik Finman, who was famous for having earned his fortune by investing in Bitcoin. The young man told the MarketWatch portal: "Bitcoin is dead, too fragmented, there are many internal struggles that do not seem to end now." In December 2018, the count goes to eight death pronouncements of the cryptomeo.

This year, January was the month with the highest number of public opinions related to the death of Bitcoin, with a total of 27. This fact may be related to the sharp drop in its price that month, from US $ 17,500 to 10,000. dollars, a reduction of 42%. Then the headlines proliferated as "The end of Bitcoin", "Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme" or "Bitcoin is a joke". In addition, the tendency to "kill" bitcoin in the media was declining in the course of 2018.

It is curious that in 2017, with an encryption market in the midst of a frenzy of high, there were more analyzes and comments that concluded with the disappearance of cryptography. A total of 125 records are Obituaries Bitcoin during the past year. In contrast to the current year, in 2017 the most active month for the coin gravediggers was December, with 34 holders. In fact, in the last four months of last year, there were over 12 allusions to bitcoin's death, just when the price was multiplied by four.

Despite allegations that Bitcoin died, interest in this and other crypto-coins remained. The latest Google report revealed that in 2018, the question What is Bitcoin? It was the most sought after by Internet users in the United States and the United Kingdom. Although the bear market has influenced the number of searches, the trend reached the top position this year.

Other studies in different countries show that cryptococci such as bitcoin arouse greater interest in young people. In Germany, those who adopt this financial technology are mostly between 18 and 29 years of age. Similarly, for the first time, American teens replaced gift cards and money on their wish lists for Christmas with encrypted coins.

The interest of the younger could predict a greater adoption of crypto-currents for the future, in addition to speculation. In this sense, 2018 is a great year for the development of technologies associated with Bitcoin, such as the Lightning Network. After all, the value of Bitcoin is not in its price, but in its technology.

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