Bishop of Temuco asks Piñera "greater speed in matters of indigenous public policy"


After meeting with President Sebastián Piñera, the bishop of Temuco, Hector Vargas, reported that he asked the president to give priority to the Araucanía Plan's projects to build "a future of peace in justice for all."

"Receiving an invitation from the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, I had the opportunity to meet him along with the Ministers of Interior, Social Development, the new mayor and the governor of Malleco. with others, about the situation in which we live in La Araucanía, "said the Bishop of Temuco.

"It was the occasion to become a bearer in my capacity as pastor, one of the most felt themes in the region. In fact, and beyond the painful moment in which we live because of the death of the young Catrill, the complex situations resulting from the actions of the force and the resignation of the authorities, I think it is appropriate to present some issues related to the current scenario. "

"This is how the conversation covered the need to face both the historical demands of the Mapuche people and the situation of backwardness, poverty, low investment and productivity, violence in the region, a state policy that increasingly needs to be more consensual." and consolidate and advance in the light of international evidence more quickly on indigenous public policy issues, "he added.

In this sense, he mentioned "constitutional recognition, the Council of the Ministry of the People and the political participation that can institutionalize the representativeness and effectiveness of the dialogues and the demands of an authentic interculturality."

Finally, he asked the president to "prioritize the more than 300 projects of the Araucanía Plan, those that are most sensitive and urgent in the soul of the region, in order to build a future of peace in justice for all."


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