Bezos Divorce USD 136 Billion to Divide, Amazon in the Middle


The announcement of divorce in Jeff Bezos puts many doubts on the modalities of share of your fortune, estimated at US $ 136 billion, and the possible implications for Amazon, of which he is the first shareholder.

MacKenzie Tuttle, who will soon be the ex-wife of this Bezos, met him before that, in 1992, when he was a brilliant financial and not yet, as it happened later, entrepreneur which has transformed the lives of hundreds of millions of people.

Tuttle, her maiden name, lived with Jeff Bezos from the first exploratory trip to Seattle in 1994 until the realization of the online trading, passing clear by the beginnings of the Amazon in the garage of the house.

As of Wednesday, January 9, 2019, it is practically the the richest woman in the world, following the announcement of separation couple after 25 years of marriage, the birth of three children and the adoption of a fourth.

According to the celebrity information website TMZ, Jeff and MacKenzie did not have a marriage contract

O unity was declared in Florida in September 1993 in accordance with documents consulted by the AFP, but it is the last residence the one that counts in case of divorce in the United States.

The Bezos have residences in Seattle and Washington, Texas and Beverly Hills (California), but, in the opinion of the lawyer Randall Kessler, of Kessler & Solomiany in Atlanta, the place where the company procedure it matters little because in any case it is foreseeable negotiations They will be arduous.

"In some states the community of goods, in others, the principle of equitable division, which means a proportional distribution, but even in those, usually reaches 50-50, "he explains.

Although it controls about 16% of Amazon's capital, of which it has majority shareholder, The fortune of Jeff Bezos is essentially made up of actions of the company he founded and which he still leads today.

Taking the value of action at noon on Thursday, its stake represents $ 130,000 of the $ 136 billion heritage.

a separation of goods in the context of a divorce, therefore, would necessarily result in a division of the securities portfolio, leaving Jeff Bezos at around 8% of the capital.

This perspective did not seem to markets, where the action, which is cited in Nasdaq of New York, he earned a few dollars on Wednesday to lose them on Thursday.

The investor Doug Kass, however, he said he sold his shares after the divorce announcement.

The announcement announcing the separation published on Wednesday showed a distinctly calm tone, ensuring that Jeff and MacKenzie would remain "dear friends."

Through a confidence legal arrangement, the former spouses could, in the case of an agreement, combine their two participations to keep the same weight in Amazon's share.

Another possibility is a transfer of voting rights, to control a company, by MacKenzie, who would inherit half of the actions, says Margaret Ryznar, a law professor at IUPUI University.

"The voting rights may not be as important because Jeff Bezos is already a minority shareholder"Said Margaret Ryznar." Most of her to influence at Amazon comes from his status as founder and CEO. "

And there remains, of course, the divorce conflict, This would obscure the outlook for Amazon, both in terms of shared ownership such as public relations.

The weekly National Enquirer He reported on Thursday about a relationship between Bezos and the wife of one of Hollywood's most powerful agents, Patrick Whitesell.

This relationship, which would have started eight months ago, would have sunk the marriage of Bezos, according to the tabloid controlled by David Pecker, former great friend of Donald Trump, who recently agreed to collaborate with the justice willing to involve the president of the United States.

"Customers come to see me the whole time saying that everything will be friendly. We are reasonable, we agree that it should be equitable says Randall Kessler. "The problem is that people do not always agree with what is reasonable or fair."

"If they agree on everything, it will be easy; if you do not agree, that's where the lawyers they will win money"


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