Beñat San José representative after leaving UC: "We did not have the same strength to follow.


The representative of Beñat San José, Paulo Roberto de Souza, spoke with Los Tenores de ADN about the surprising exit of the DT of Catholic University, clarifying the reasons he had to leave.

"It was a decision that he had to take very quickly because there was a clause, we could not have been unfair to the club that treated us so well. It was a difficult decision, very complicated, since next year there have been many good things to dispute, "began the agent.

Along these lines, he added: "It's best to move away if the same energies do not go to the next year. The club have to take their time to choose their new coach. "

"The decision did not go through any other proposal or fight with the club. It makes me sad that people think it was because of this situation, since there were never any fights or something, on the contrary, there was a great relationship between Beñat and his players, "he added.

De Souza went further in determining the Spanish coach and said: "The decision is made because Beñat was driving for three years in South America. Antofagasta which came last and pulled forward, as it happens with Bolívar, who took him out of the country twice. Finally with Catholics, since the team did not come well and managed to lift the forces and achieve the goal, which is to win the title (…) We did not think we had the same strength to move forward.. A long champion is complicated and the forces begin to diminish. "

Finally, the representative revealed a key point that could mean the departure of Hispanics. "In the end it was not possible to know if he would hire the players that Beñat asked the clubIt was all so fast you can not know clearly if you were going to hire the players he wanted, "he closed.


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