Being in good physical condition would prolong life


Must be a priority

MEXICO CITY (Notimex) .- Poor physical condition is as harmful as smoking, being obese and having diabetes, even in adults considered healthy, according to a study by the Swedish School of Sports and Health Sciences in Stockholm.

Moving more with simple activities like walking, climbing stairs, pedaling to work, leaving a station before the subway to reach destination walking, reduces the risk of death and cardiovascular disease.

Elin Ekblom-Bak, author of the largest study on cardiorespiratory fitness in healthy people, pointed out that activity to improve people's health does not have to be in a gym or requires sophisticated equipment.

The survey included 316,137 people aged 18-74 who had their first occupational health examination between 1995 and 2015 in Sweden. They were measured for cardiorespiratory fitness using the test called VO2max, which consists of the maximum amount of oxygen that the heart and lungs can provide to the muscles during exercise.

The results presented at a congress of the European Society of Cardiology, conducted in Portugal, showed that the change is more related to the longer life regardless of age, gender and initial physical conditioning.

The risk of death from all causes and cardiovascular events was reduced by 2.8% and 3.2%, respectively, with each milliliter increase in VO2max, added Ekblom-Bak.

In light of the results, he considered that an increase in physical fitness should be a public health priority and physicians should assess physical fitness when evaluating health, since in the last 25 years it has decreased by 10% in the general population.


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