Thursday , October 21 2021

Barbara Lackington suffers the bitterest side of Masterchef


Barbara Lackington, the young 19-year-old model, the kitchen matea, considered the villain of the MasterChef, has something to say and is not a new recipe. In these months he chewed the sweet and also the bitterest of being exposed on television.

On Sunday, Kashka was eliminated, and Barbara (one of the four remaining candidates) comments to La Cuarta that she regretted a lot, because the Poles and several companions, like Camila and Lautaro, are part of the good things that happened to her. since he enrolled in the program. These beautiful friends also add the day to day of the gastronomy and the fact of opening doors of work with marks of foods.

However, there is a very ugly and dangerous side that you have to deal with constantly. Because of her direct, frontal and extremely sincere personality, those who do not communicate with her are brutally informed by social networks. They cover it rudely, insult, ignore, go beyond the logic and reality television barrier. And the question is even more serious, because he even received threats against his life.

"I took the risk that we all run on TV, which is that there are malicious people" in part telling the blonde, about what should be supported off-screen by fans of Stellar Channel 13. "I blocked two people because they sent me internal messages, they made me calls on the Instagram, something very disturbing," he confesses. .

– At what level of harassment and threats is it? Did you report it?

I have been very incited to suicide, I even have a video on Youtube to learn how to kill myself … On the other hand, with regard to people's threats, I had one, which was one of those that I blocked … He told me that if he saw me on the street he would rape me and then kill me.

"That's serious, the singer Denise Rosenthal was threatened with death and the police arrested the culprit.

Yes, but there is everything, there are also people who love you and do not know you, who support you. It's a TV show where there's a competition and there are certain characters, one who is friendlier, one heavier, some who tell the truth, others who do not, there's everything and so you have to understand that.

"How do you feel with such hate?"

Those people who hate me or do not like me very much, if they will criticize me for being on the television show, go to a direct photo of the MasterChef to say everything they want, but do not enter my personal profile because I work there and this it hurts me. This is a character and, of course, I see myself and I say … uta the heavy ooze! Never in the program did they encourage me to say anything, but in interviews they would sometimes ask you three times the same thing, because the response someone gave was not what they liked in order to generate more controversy. There are things that are edited.

– What do you mean?

Everything I say saying that I said yes but suddenly they take things out of context and then, watching this on TV, I regret everything I said, obviously, because almost nothing is defined as I wanted to say. Until you left flirting with Christopher Carpentier and nothing to do, I'm polishing.

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