Band of delinquents caused the crash where the two players died


A gang of criminals has caused the car crash in Yaracuy, where two players Luis Valbuena and Jose Castillo of Los Cardenales de Lara died when they were traveling to Barquisimeto last night.

According to sources, the criminals stole the belongings of the players when the car was overturned, according to a review. Universal.

According to the police report, it confirms that the accident was caused by a blunt object crossed on the road (stone).

The same was recorded at 1:50 am when players Luis Valbuena, Jose Castillo, Carlos Rivero, Raul Alvarez from the capital to the state of Lara in his particular vehicle feature: AD668SV plate, brand Toyota Fortuner type Sport Wagon.

In this turnaround, players Luis Valbuena and José Castillo died and Carlos Rivero and Raul Alvarez were injured.

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