BancoEstado informs its clients about attempted fraud that circulates by email


The company Bank state reported through social networks on a fake email that circulates these days.

The email says that "for security reasons, we block your Online Banking access code and your Transfer Key Card to operate over the Internet. This blockage is due to a preventive measure adopted by the Bank, so it is necessary to validate the data ".

BancoEstado advises its clients that this is an attempted fraud, and that, in case you receive the email, you should ignore it.

At the same time, the bank pointed out that in their emails they never send links. "Fake emails, phishing, contain links that lead to pages that steal your keys," they say.

For greater user safety, BancoEstado offers these three tips:

  • Do not access your Online Banking on shared computers, cybercafes, or public wireless networks as they may contain viruses that capture user keys and data.
  • O BancoEstado's emails are personalized with your first and last name.ยท If you receive an e-mail with alarming news from people or institutions with whom you do not have links and which include files, videos or documents, do not open, save or download as it is the strategy that criminals use to contaminate your computer. malware
  • Use effective antivirus software and antispyware on your computer, bothering to keep it active and always up to date. Always enable your Firewall or Firewall.


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