Baleo in Renca: investigating the murder of women in public streets


Staff of PDI Homicide Brigade (BH) is investigating the crime of a woman about 30 years old, who received a bullet in the chestwhile I was in the company of a man. All this on the street sidewalk José Manuel Balmacedain Renca.

Baleo in Renca

According to preliminary data, the victim was approached from a moving vehicle. From inside, a man drew a gun firing at least twice.

Unfortunately, one of the projectiles struck his chest. As a result, the woman died on the spot.

The crime occurred in Renca, at the height of José Manuel Balmaceda Street, 5087, after 4:30 p.m. It happened that at that moment the woman was talking to a man, of whom more information is unknown.

There, according to witnesses, a vehicle gray station wagon He approached these two people. Later one of his occupants drew a gun, firing twice.

The case happened in the hands of public ministry, which investigates a possible discussion of the couple, where the man would have thrown a stone at the woman, which did not give the body of this, gave to stop to a parked car, breaking one of his cell phone glasses.

After that, the owner boarded his vehicle and took the gun to shoot the couple, mortally injuring 30-year-old woman.


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