Saturday , October 23 2021

Baeza a lo Mi Pobre Angel, Zaldivia de Asado, Mago at Disney and Vidal old school


Thus, the party passed the extended family members alba around the world.

A new Christmas is lived and, by the way, the family around the Colo Colo, from players to props, was not indifferent.

Claudio Baezafor example, he took advantage of the beauty of New York to My Poor Little Angel, while his compadre Matías Zaldivia It is in Argentina and was sent the flower of roast. On the other hand, Jorge Valdivia He lets himself be loved with his family at Disney in Florida, United States. Same tours there Jaime Valdés.

Arturo VidalOn the other hand, he received a gift of flirtation and retro: a beautiful arcade with games of the old guard. Martín Rodríguez, who is in Mexico, made an exotic hairstyle and Carla Guerrero He liked his family in Spain.

He who spent a different holiday was Carlos Villanueva. The young flying passenger recently lost his grandmother and the day was more of a memory with his family. A big hug for him.

This is part of the colocolina family Christmas around the world:

Happy Holidays!

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