Azealia Banks and Grimes may end up testifying in the case of fraud by Elon Musk


You remember the never-ending case of last year that began after Banks of Azealia will end up at home Elon Musk for several days, because he should record a song with Grimes and end up publishing in their Instagram details of the couple? The most notable thing about the saga was not only that Grimes and Musk invited her into the house for a sort of sexual relationship (according to Azealiao herself), but that Banks witnessed some important moments for the manager of Tesla, who during the the rapper's stay at home, sent a tweet that put him in trouble, and could now be part of a judgment on possible fraud with the actions of the technology giant.

According Bloomberg, Tesla investors who sue Musk are asking for a subpoena for both Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) as Banks, because they may have been with Musk at the time of their tweet about Tesla's stock prices, and they can testify to their mental state.

In addition, thanks to investigative journalism from Banks, there are Instagram posts and text messages about the tweet in question. Basically, the question comes down to whether Musk chose the Tesla stock price at $ 420 last August because he legitimately thought it was a fair market price or because he was making a reference to marijuana. In addition, in those tweets of August, he also wrote that he had obtained private funds for the company, which was false and therefore deceived the shareholders.

Apparently Musk's lawyerDean Kristy, is asking the judge to reject the subpoenas, arguing that they are an attempt to sensationalize the story even more, and it is not known if the singers will actually testify in court, but the truth is that Banks of Azealia Continue to share gossip through Instagram. According to Azealia in a post (already deleted), Kristy tried to manipulate her cell phone.

"It was not enough for them to take my phone and try to manipulate evidence, they still despise me as if I did not have enough evidence." More dirt to pour into Elon. Now I am even more irritated by the fact that his lawyer is falsely stating that I lied after being acquitted in both incidents with Russell Crowe and Jack Dorsey.Unfortunately ugly There may be many things but a liar is not one of them Elon will know very soon who is the most powerful of the two. "

Things are just heating up.

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