Wednesday , June 16 2021

Avanza Project which enshrines the right of women to live free of violence

O project that enshrines the right of women to a life free of violence was approved on Thursday in the House of Representatives, celebrating the advance of parliamentarians and parliamentarians of all political colors.

The initiative was sent to the Senate for its second legislative procedure.

The president of the corporation, Maya Fernández (PS), highlighted some of the points included in the proposal, such as "for example, that the Ministry extends the functions to be able to prosecute in the case of femicide, in case of frustrated femicide, which is an important step."

"And also expand the concept of femicide not only for coexistence, but also for pololeo. I think it's great news for the country, "he said.

The text, moreover, recognizes the different forms that violence against women adopts and regulates the obligation to prevent it that all state agencies have.

The deputy of the RN, Marcela Sabat, celebrated "the transversality" with which this project was supported in the Lower House, stating that "what we achieved today in this project, which despite being born in the Government of President (Michelle) Bachelet, manages to have the urgency it needs in the Government of President (Sebastián) Piñera."

Motion to punish non-payment of alimony

In addition, one group of parliamentarians motion to criminally punish those who fail for three consecutive months or five times within a year of their obligation to pay alimony.

One of the promoters of the idea, the regionalist Jaime Mulet, explained that "it is constitutive of intrafamily violence and, therefore, of repeated crime noncompliance in the payment of maintenance pensions".

"In short, they may be subject to criminal sanctions and get the papers stained," he said.

The bill proposes, in these cases, a sentence of imprisonment between 61 days and three years, which are normally exacerbated.

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