Thursday , October 21 2021

Authorities oversee GSD hospitals during Christmas holidays


Job._ Presidential Minister Gustavo Montalvo and the director of the National Health Service, Chanel Rosa Chupany, traveled on Tuesday, December 25th, the main hospitals of Greater Santo Domingo to oversee the health center's functioning on holiday.

Montalvo, who spoke to the press at Darío Contreras Hospital, said that his trip began in the 911 National Emergency System and assured that the development was good in terms of response to events.

The official said that in the coming hours will be presented more details about the results and the number of cases attended since yesterday 24 until today.

Rosa Chupany informed that before the visit of this hospital she was in the Puello Monastery.

During the visit to Darío Contreras, the Caribbean was able to verify that dozens of people were treated with injuries resulting from traffic accidents.

The different areas of the hospital center are full of people who are mainly motorcycles and others by fights.

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