Authorities control the focus of Newcastle in Tolima


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Authorities control the focus of Newcastle in Tolima

December 27, 2018

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COLOMBIA – After the health emergency was declared in eight municipalities of Tolima by the outbreak of Newcastle disease last September, Secretary of Agriculture, Edgar Bonilla, said the department is free of this disease.

Newcastle disease is a viral disease of birds with a wide range of clinical signs, which are highly contagious and can present mortality rates up to 100%. Its main symptoms are nasal and ocular discharge, respiratory sounds and swollen head, which is why birds should be killed.

According to the head of the Agricultural Development portfolio, this important advance was achieved thanks to a joint effort between the Ministry of Agriculture, the Colombian Agricultural Institute, the ACI, the Tolima Governorate and the secretariats of the different municipalities, indicates Agribusiness.

In addition, he argued that the measures for this disease of Cundinamarca, have become effective after establishing its work plan, limits and areas with special attention.

"It was a joint and interinstitutional work where the Colombian Agricultural Institute of the ACI, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Government of Tolima, the different agricultural secretariats of the municipalities participated and a strong support through the Umatas, in about 3 to 4 months, the control was achieved on the different birds of the yard through an educational process of implementation and vaccination, "said Bonilla.

In addition, their rapid prevention measures contribute to the economy of farmers receiving incomes from backyard poultry, as well as to large producers of poultry farms.

"There is a very important connotation and it is the peasant economy, the people who live in 5 or 6 chickens, from backyard animals, that if these people die from their birds, they will lack food at home, this work is for the peasant economy is not affected and does not affect the large producers, the farms and the formalized industry that is part of the agroindustrial development of the country, "added the secretary.

From the writer team at ElSitioAvícola

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