Attention future teachers: 4,079 first year students enrolled in teaching careers without credentialing


A few days after the higher education institutions announce the results of the applications made by 154,486 young people. The National Accreditation Commission (CNA) has revealed that six universities that teach careers do not meet the mandatory requirements.

The president of the CNA, Alfonso Muga, informed today that there are universities that do not have the quality requirements established by the Professional Development Law (20,903). This indicates that both the career and the institution granting it must be accredited. For this, a maximum period of three years was approved, which expires on April 1, 2019.

The universities that are in this situation are the Bolivarian University, Gabriela Mistral, the Republic, Los Leones, Pedro de Valdivia and SEK. Among the six, a total of 13,910 enrolled in pedagogy careers, of which 4,779 are first-year students.

What is the consequence for uncredited students and universities?


Students who decide to enter an unaccredited career may benefit from grants and credits granted by the state. On the contrary, if the institution is not one, this makes it impossible for young people to receive financial contributions to finance their education.

"Gabriela Mistral is an institution that is not accredited, because the National Accreditation Commission did not believe," Muga said of the only one of the six universities that carried out the process to verify that they have quality to operate but did not meet quality standards .

The president of the CNA indicated that the rest only consulted. Therefore, he warned that these universities do not receive new students and care about maintaining a quality situation with students who are already in the career. It also suggests continuing to carry out self-assessments, even if they do not meet the date to be accredited.


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