At the time of being kicked, they received Matías Fernández as Junior


At the point of "cocotazos" or "aguayuyo" (as has been said before), the junior players received Matías Fernández for the team on Saturday morning at Adelita de Char's headquarters in Sabanilla.

The members of the rojiblanco cabin made a corridor for the Chilean driver and they began to applaud so that the new face of the squadron crossed the place. Fernandez, who had not noticed that the subject was with him, was warned by coach César Gaitán, took impulse and very fast, in the middle of the tapas of his teammates in his head, with good vibes and enthusiasm, managed to reach the goal.

There was another soft kick, a mess and nothing more. It was all part of the good atmosphere that the renowned 32-year-old found.

The practice started at 7:30 in the morning. with the strong sea breeze blowing by the sector where the place is located. At that time, journalists were allowed to come in, they found the players gathered in the locker room. There he certainly began to greet and meet team members.

Then, in the company of Sebastián Viera, the southern half went to the second court. While they were going, the Uruguayan was explaining and pointing things out, probably all about the management of the club, the city and other details unknown to Fernandez.

Keeping in mind that the rojiblancos are going to play tomorrow in America at Pascual Guerrero Stadium and that the trip to Cali is today, the training was light, with many recreational exercises, among them the game of "bobito & # 39; or & quot; chicken. & quot ;. As expected, due to his condition in the group again, Matías Fernández was the first to touch the ball.

Then, with some shyness and blushing, he let go and got in touch with his new colleagues.

Matías Fernández confirmed that he will use the number 18. The number 14 will remain in the hands of Leonardo Pico.


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