Tuesday , March 9 2021

Astronomers Surprised by Plastic Bag Floating in Earth's Space | International

A kind of plastic bag circulates around the Earth in an ellipse with which it approaches a distance of 600 kilometers of the surface and soon moves for 538.261 kilometers. It is about 1.4 times the average distance between our planet and the moon.

O Northolt Branch Observatory of London ensures that the object is a light piece of material that has left the launch of a rocket. It was the Haleakala Observatory in Hawaii that first detected the object. Scientists have nicknamed A10bMLz.

Informa Living Science which is known as the "empty object of the garbage bag". Scientists at the London Observatory estimated that A10bMLz is several meters wide, but weighs only less than one kilogram.

NASA says that around 500,000 pieces of debris the planet circulates and about 50,000 of the largest are tracked by the agency. Even the researchers detected two clouds of Kordylewski's space dust orbiting Earth.

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