Astronomers have found two new planets that could harbor life


Is anyone home? Astronomers located two planets orbiting a nearby star which meets almost every requirement for the life of the home.

They are almost exactly the same mass as Earth, they are billions of years old (meaning that life could have taken time to evolve), and they are orbiting their star at a distance would support the flow of water and live temperatures.

The two planets orbit the star of Teegarden, an ancient star that is only 12 light-years from Earth – "only" is relative: 12 light-years equivalent to 113,523,125,760,000 kilometers.

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Research on planets and their sun, Published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics, reveals that the star of Teegarden appears to be stable without large solar explosions or other violent activities that could threaten the life potential of the two promising candidates.

If the estimated speed of orbit and rotation is accurate, and there are no unexpected factors in the solar system that interrupt other astronomers' calculations, the two planets of Teegarden could house rocky environments and water streams.

However, all these assumptions are estimates and, for the time being, they are not firsthand observations. The planetary discoveries in the Teegardan system are part of a larger effort by astronomers to locate planets potentially vital to refine the observation and research technology – such as high power telescopes – to learn even more about them.


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