As they did not understand the letter, the doctor was sold to the eyes, a cream for erectile dysfunction


An unusual case surprised the medical community of Glasgow, Scotland. A woman had to be treated urgently after being applied, by mistake, a cream for erectile dysfunction in the eye. As reported in local media, the pharmacist who sold the product I had misunderstood the lyrics of revenue.

The news came to light thanks to the publication of BMJ Case Reports. The patient, who was not identified, needed a medication for ocular dryness. But when using the medicine that was given to him in a pharmacy, he began to have a redness in the vision of the eyelid and blurred.

Upon arriving at the guard, the doctors noticed the error of the professional who had sold the cream. In the publication, they explained that, in the first instance, the ophthalmologist had prescribed VitA-POS, an ointment that protects and moisturizes the ocular surface. But the pharmacist gave him the Vitaros cream, which is used in men over 18 to combat erectile dysfunction.

As a result of the error, the woman suffered a slight burn in the eyes. And after the incident, they treated her with injections, drops and lubricants to help ease the discomfort in her vision.

The doctors who prepared the report asked their colleagues to write in capital letters when the name of the medication required them, since these misunderstandings are very common: One in 20 prescriptions is affected by a prescription error.


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