As the new movie Star Wars & # 39; will deal with the death of Princess Leia?


As the new movie Star Wars & # 39; will deal with the death of Princess Leia?

Carrie Fisher.

Clemens Bilan / Getty Images

Although it had already been confirmed that the ill-fated Carrie Fisher would return to make an appearance – through several scenes filmed before his tragic death in late 2016 – in the third and final installment of the new trilogy of & # 39; Star Wars & # 39;, so far none of those involved in producing so-called "Episode IX", which will hit theaters in December next year, she dared to express herself clearly about the fate that awaits the emblematic character to whom the charismatic artist gave life: the then princess and now general Read Organa

However, despite the fact that he tried to do so with great care and without revealing important details about the plot of the film, Guatemalan actor Oscar Isaac, who plays the intrepid pilot Poe Dameron At this time in the history of the galactic saga, he had no qualms about deciding on the approach with which the director J.J. Abrams wanted to address the more than likely final farewell of the character, referring to it as emotional and, above all, "beautiful".

"The film deals with this wonderful character that Carrie has created in a frankly beautiful way and is sure to be part of the plot. It was very strange to be on the set and talk about Leia without Carrie with us. It was very painful, to tell you the truth, "the interpreter revealed in conversation with The Daily Beast news portal about the mixed feelings that come from recording the highly anticipated film.

In addition to using this additional material left by the respective footage of episodes VII and VIII, sources close to Lucasfilm already they suggested a few months ago the possibility that the filmmaker could also appeal – as happened at the end of the film & # 39; Rogue One & # 39 ;, of the extended universe of the franchise – to Computer Generated Images (CGI) technology – so that Leia's role in the film was as significant as possible: an option that, however, was not confirmed by all their managers.


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