Arturo Vidal suffers with Italian justice


On Tuesday afternoon, the decision of the Turin Court was announced, condemning the "king" to pay a millionaire debt that drags on with his time at Juventus.

Arturo Vidal's passage through Italy still haunts him. And is that on Tuesday was announced the decision of the Court of Turin, where they tell the "King" that due to an old debt that registered the wheel after its passage by Juventus, he will be seized by four houses he owned in the capital of Piedmont.

As reported by the Spanish newspaper Marca, Vidal dragged a debt of US $$ 19,507 with a travel agency in Turincity ​​where the Chilean team midfielder lived between 2011 and 2015. Already at Bayern Munich, he received the first notification, which he ignored.

Therefore, the final debt is US $ 21,158, together with the costs of the proceedings, amount to approximately US $ 14,000 of the US currency. What will it mean for the native of San Joaquin to lose the four properties that he had in the Italian city.

Vidal was last notified on December 24 of last year, when he was already in Barcelona, ​​but apparently he did not pay attention.


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