Arica: About 50 thousand customers remain without power due to massive blackout


A total of 50,000 households remain without electricity in Arica, after blackout that the city suffered product of a failure in the transmission line Los Cóndores, which connects Arica to Iquique.

The incident occurred at 5:24 pm and initially affected 72,000 customers, which gradually recovered electricity in sectors such as Cerro La Cruz, Terminal Agropecuario and Lastarria.

The main concern of the authorities is the supply of drinking water in the city. For this reason, the efforts are aimed at recovering energy in the areas where the water treatment plants located in Azapa and Lluta are installed.

"We do not want to have two problems, we do not want to have electricity and water, so we take mitigation measures to ensure that water is not cut in all sectors of Arica," he explained. Cooperative the regional director of Onemi, Franz Schmauck.

In this regard, the authority added that in the northern sector of the city began a preventive water cut, which will run from 11 pm on Friday at 6 p.m. on Saturday morning. The measure arises not to cause a collapse in the city's drinking water system.

Emergency protocols

The situation has led to the initiation of emergency protocols to provide energy and water to health care facilities, at the airport, at borders and in prisons.

As for the causes of the blackout, Schmauck said that the General Electricity Company CGE has not yet given an official answer. However, for four hours they are working in the affected sector to replace the Arica electrical system as fast as possible.

"What happens is that our food comes from Iquique and the line can be cut at any point in the stretch. So if it is cut off at some point, the company must move 100 or 200 kilometers, which is two to three hours to get there, assess the situation and convey the cause, "he explained.


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