Friday , July 23 2021

Ariana Grande plagiarized the song "7 Rings"?

The video and new theme of Ariana Grande, "7 Rings" debuted on the platform on Thursday through the artist channel on YouTube and in a few hours achieved 13 million views on the digital platform. Soon the new single entered the top 10 of the playlists, appearing as one of the favorites of this 2019. However, the artist Princess Nokia led the social networks to accuse the former Nickelodeon of plagiarism.

Princess Nokia shared through its official Twitter account a video in which the new theme of the Ariana, followed by a theme of his own that sounds quite similar. "This sounds familiar to me, is not it the music I made about brunette women and their hair?", Said the artist in the video that immediately filled with reactions from users of the social network.

The theme he refers to is entitled "Mine, from his album" 1992 ", which was released in 2016. However, one of the first comments from fans was that of someone who thought the melody was not the most original because 2010, Soulja Boy Tell 'em made the release of his song "Prettu Boy Sway", which has some parts similar to Nokia's single.

From the beginning of "7 rings" Ariana She looks very sensual in pink lingerie that shows a lot of skin. In this production, he cared enough to have a "squad" good enough to captivate everyone, as in all his videos. It should be remembered that with "7 Rings" the former Nickelodeon star says to write a new chapter in her life and what better way to do it than with those who were always there for her.

In the video, all of them sport their "engagement rings" that they bought after a "very difficult and very champagne" day. On the other hand, the interpreter of "God is a Women" included one of the best friends of his late ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller. This is Njomza, a rapper and composer who is part of the cast of Ariana in the video.

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