Argentine midfielder felt victorious over Chile's win against Ecuador


O Newspaper Olé He did it again. The popular Argentine newspaper celebrated the triumph of Chile against Ecuador and surrendered to the good game of the team of Reinaldo Rueda.

In its main note, the newspaper entitled: "The two-time champion is in the quarterfinals". However, they also recorded that the victory of the red favors the pretensions of the albiceleste in seeking a classification as the best third.

"Chile showed its personality against Ecuador and won with a 2-1 that deposited in the quarterfinals. the transandine team gave Argentina a huge hand", They pointed out.

In fact, in a follow-up note, they appealed toThe past of José Pedro Fuenzalida in Argentine football for title that "A former Boca helped Argentina".

In the note, they said: "Briefly passing through Xeneize between 2014 and 2015, where he won two titles, Fuenzalida is currently working at the Catholic University, the same club where he took his first steps in football. , he left in the second semester and received a standing ovation from Chilean fans"


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