Argentina: Epuyén quarantined by Hantavirus


Epuyen 10/01/19 An outbreak of hantavirus in the city of Epuyen. Photo of Pehumayen: Marcelo Martinez

Since the fatal anniversary, how was the entire chain of infections that already reaches almost 30 people. At a party of 15, a pawn infected five other guests. From there, an outbreak has spread that he can not control until now.

The Ministry of Health of Chubut reported how the chain of hantavirus infections occurred in the city of Epuyén. This Friday morning confirmed other positive cases and now total 28, of which 9 were fatal. Of the dead, eight were from Epuyén and one from Trevelin, an Andean city near Esquel.

According to the information provided and as Clarín said, everything originated on November 3, during the commemoration of a 15 year anniversary in a room where a pawn had arrived as a guest who had worked in a closed warehouse and there contracted the virus . . This man is patient zero or index case. The first to be infected was a 14-year-old girl, who two weeks later became the first fatal victim of the hanta virus.

According to the official information, in addition to the girl, four other guests were infected with the party: in total, there were three men and two women contracted the virus, one of them, the patient's daughter zero. The seventh contagion was a co-worker from one of the previous three. She was followed by an administrative employee at the 64-year-old Epuyén hospital and was the aunt of the first girl who died. A ticket vendor from a bus line was contacted, who was in contact with one of the affected.

With these early data there is no doubt that the virus has mutated and that transmission from person to person during the first three days of the person's fever is the main reason for this outbreak. For this reason, the city decreed yesterday the quarantine in the city and even prohibited vigils.

The tenth contagious was the wife of one of the fatal party guests and then a municipal official who, as Clarín managed to rebuild, was collaborating in the hospital when the cases began to happen. It is one of the fatal victims. He is followed by his daughter and son of one of those who were infected on his birthday.

The ex-wife of patient zero and the mother of the daughter of the pawn who also became infected became the number 14 positive case. Then comes a stream of family and friends who were in contact with the index case, the five infected on the birthday and the the hospital employee. Among others are two children of one of the infected, the friend of a woman and even a Chilean nurse who visited Epuyén, who recently joined the list of deaths of Hanta, reported by Chiel.

A woman who had contact with the hospital official in Epuyén became the number 20 infected, the son of another who attended the party was on the 21st, and the list closed (until the number 23 infected) a remisero and the wife's niece of another party participant.

Most who contracted the virus were not in contact with the faeces, urine or saliva of the long-tailed mouse, the main carrier of the virus. The majority of infections occurred from person to person, as can be seen in the details provided by the Ministry of Health of Chubut province, which provides a daily basis on the news of the breakthrough advancement so far and despite all the measures that are being taken, it seems uncontrollable.



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