Are Camila Recabarren's parents angry? So they reacted after making their relationship public


A few weeks ago Camila Recabarren He has been in the arena after making public his relationship with a woman, who did not leave indifferent to the world of Chilean television.

In this context, he visited the morning "Viva la Pipol", where He gave more details about his noisy sentimental relationship.

The space driver, Pamela Diaz, asked her why, being so frontal in her life, she took so much time to speak openly. It was then that he explained why it took him so long to tell.

"Sometimes a show cries but it's not so crying", Departed commenting on Recabarren, who also added that a person who loves very much did not do it in the best way: his father.

"He's a very close person to my family that I love very much, and who's kind of mad at me … good for what I'm going to give more deviations, it's my father"He revealed.

Prior to this, he made an analysis a request for attention to parents with their children, to support them in their "Out of closet"

His mother, on the other hand, did not receive the news in the best way either. "He told me that I tolerate two men giving each other a kiss, but two women do not. But I understood that it was also for the society from which it comes, now everything is different, "he said.


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