Apple warns: 15-inch MacBook Pro batteries can catch fire


The company will replace all batteries that have been affected by the factory error free of charge.

Apple has warned its users about the 15-inch MacBook Pro they purchased between 2015 and 2017. The company has determined that the batteries of these devices are at risk of catching fire due to overheating due to a factory failure.

Faced with the error, the company took as a measure the free replacement of the batteries affected. To ensure that the MacBook's battery is potentially dangerous, users should determine the model of the equipment. The model can be checked from the Apple menu on the "About This Mac" tab. The option is located in the upper left corner of the screen.

If users confirm that they own the "MacBook Pro (Retina, 15 inches, mid 2015)", they should note their serial number on the following site.

If the model matches the affected one, you must stop using your MacBook. Thereafter, you should contact any Apple-authorized service provider or approach a company store.

Another of the batteries

Not only have notebooks been affected by the overheating of their batteries. Some smartphones have passed and go through the same thing. Such is the case of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in 2016.

The batteries of the phone, made of lithium, caught fire. The magnitude of the case prompted the South Korean company to withdraw 2.5 million handsets from the market. Even the South Korean Ministry of Transport called to turn off cell phones during air travel to avoid possible fires aboard. The model had to be discontinued.

According to Sernac, lithium batteries have the largest field of use in mobile phones. They also have a large presence in devices like notebooks, tablets, among others.

The service provided seven tips to protect your security with this type of power source.

  • Use only battery-specific chargers that contain Lithium.
  • Never charge lithium batteries without monitoring them. You should always monitor the charging process to be able to react to any problems that may occur.
  • If at any time you notice that a lithium battery swells or spills liquid, disconnect it immediately and observe it for 15 minutes in a safe place to avoid any abnormal reaction.
  • Take care that the two battery terminals are not present, this short circuit may cause the battery to catch fire. Also, be very careful that the short circuit is not caused by connecting the terminals through rings or bracelets that you use when handling them, as this can cause serious injury.
  • A battery that has suffered a blow, short circuit, or other problem may fire even 10 to 15 minutes after this event occurs. Quickly take the battery to a safe place as described and observe it for 15 minutes.
  • If for some reason you have to cut the battery terminals, do it one by one so as not to risk causing a short circuit.
  • Never store your batteries in a vehicle or in any place where high temperatures can be reached. Extreme temperatures can cause a battery to burn.


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