Apple wants to make more products in the US, but will not be easy


The Mac Pro is the clear example of why Apple can not produce on a large scale in the United States, says The New York Times


Apple and the US government want iPhones and Macs to be manufactured domestically, but it's easier said than done.

A report from New York Times published on Monday details the problems that Apple faced in 2012 to find a special screw that was used in the manufacture of the Mac Pro, one of the few Apple products that were manufactured (or tried to be manufactured) in the United States. This small detail exemplifies how difficult it is for the Cupertino company to realize the dream of manufacturing in the United States.

The report says that Apple commissioned the manufacture of these screws to a Texas-based company that could produce only 1,000 units of these, a number that caused a delay in the fabrication of the entire computer and finally caused Apple to order screws for the mills. in China.

"The difficulty in Texas illustrates the problems Apple would face if it tried to get its manufacturing out of China," says Times. "Apple has not found another country – let alone the United States – that can compete with China's combination of scale, skills, infrastructure and costs."

The Mac Pro was announced in 2012 as a computer manufactured in the United States, unlike the rest of the company's products that are produced in China. However, since that attempt, the company has not tried manufacturing other products in the USA. Apple is for launch a new Mac Pro – According to reports, this would happen this year – but it is not known whether it will be manufactured in the country.

On Monday, the same day the article was published TimesApple has posted an article highlighting a $ 60 billion investment in suppliers and other companies in the US in 2018, a 10 percent increase over 2017. Apple says that this investment helps maintain about 450,000 jobs in the United States.


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