Apple trolling and cars of the future


Fate is not coming. The technologies that will revolutionize the transportation and mobility industry are already here and at CES 2019 there was a complete pavilion dedicated to the cars of the future.

# CES2019 The Most Attractive Gadgets (Part 9): Do We Need This?

Matuk and Pontón were there and saw the latest version of some of the projects we've been following for years, such as Uber flying taxi in partnership with the Bell helicopter company, which was recognized with the different "The Best of CES 2019"; They also met an autonomous car developed by Chrysler and Waymo, Google's sister company.

Another surprising element was the futuristic concept car of Mercedes Benz, although for concept cars there were several, and here we have them. Feel free to take advantage of this "trip for the future" of CES 2019. In fact, you did not miss visiting the spectacular that installed Apple to troll its competitors, Do not lose.


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