"Apolejía": misspelling in the game Pasapalabra did not go unnoticed by Twitter users | TV and Show


Tonight there is a tense chapter of Password Chilevisión, which will raffle a historic rosco of 194 million pesos among the competitors Jorge Figueroa and Gigia Ramírez. However, there was a "flaw" in the production of the show that caught the eye of the viewers.

The teams were completed by Alfredo Ugarte, "Lindorfo" Jiménez, Bárbara Rebolledo and Catalina Palacios; who supported the "captains" to arrive with as many minutes as possible in the end.

It was the journalist who lived a confusing moment within the program, since in the game called How do you write, they gave him four options to guess the correct way to spell the word Leakage

At that time, Rebolledo guessed right option number 4, which came with a misspelling of production, since it said "Apolejía".

While the error was a few seconds on the screen, there were twitterers who noticed and expressed themselves on social networks, indicating that they had made a mistake in the program.

Despite this, Rebolledo's response was correct and the second went to the team of Ramirez, who is a dentist and commercial engineer.

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