"Anyone's Diary," the jigsaw and RV video game that deals with depression


Madrid .- Through a dynamic that combines puzzles, platforms and virtual reality, the video game "Anyone & # 39; s Diary" reflects on the "distortion" of the world in people suffering from depression, as explained by its creators in Madrid today .

The video game, developed by a team of seven people, was a finalist at the Playstation Talents 2017 awards and, after its development at the Playstation Games facilities in Valencia (eastern Spain), will be released on January 31.

Video game designer, programmer and producer, Daniel Vidal Terrades, was happy to combine "the most classic," being a "two-dimensional platform," with "the novelty that virtual reality technologies allow."

"Anyone's Diary" follows the experiences of Anyone, a character without "age or sex" who goes through an emotional disturbance that affects his perception of reality, explained the game's modeler, Pau Infante Ruiz.

The game begins with a "normal day" in Everybody's life, but after a certain event, they begin to make "changes" in the paper city they run through until they reach "totally distorted and devastated" situations.

In this context, the player's actions will determine "Anyone who continues with his life or is consumed by his demons," he added.

For this, the user will have to solve a series of puzzles and obstacles, each time "more complicated" as the protagonist "faces their fears and problems".

The idea behind the game is to be "accessible" and "anyone can project the story about himself or about someone he knows," said the artist José Gómez Bosch, so that the narrative leaves "several aspects open".

In 2017, "Anyone's Diary" had three nominations for PlayStation Talents, best art, best game for the press and best use of platforms.

As a result, the game was developed "with the support of PlayStation, which equipped the seven-person team with" working facilities, development kits and the ability to share space with a community of experienced developers, "its creators said.


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