Antonella Ríos forgets about bullying and ignites social networks with daring images


Antonella Rios is leading a completely fitness life. The 44-year-old actress, a year ago, devoted herself to training in the gym and maintaining a healthy diet, achieving a toned physique.

Ignoring the criticisms and questions she received from the publications she made on her Instagram, where she was even treated as "vulgar," Antonella shared a series of sexy postcards that were part of a photo shoot she starred in Book

You can not change the thinking and behavior of others, but if you can do it in yourself, start with you @ I am proud to have enough motivation to move on and achieve the goal … #sinescusasFolta camino and this is the idea of ​​moving forward focused on improving myself. This is my first Fitness photo made by @espinozafrancisco for @revista_fitness by @, "wrote the actress in their social networks.

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