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The irruption of Aníbal Meuse in the world of Colo Colo since 2010 did not go unnoticed by anyone in the national football. The manager generates divergent opinions, but he can always be on the sports, political or economic agenda.

However, his life story is little known by fans who condemn or congratulate one of Colo Colo's top shareholders.

O former president of the Black and White S.A. he came from Syria at the age of 6 of age with his family, motivated by an uncle and with the decision of his father, who raised money to travel to Chile. Meuse perfectly remembers his life in the Middle East

"We were poor, although I must say that we never lived defects, I was happy. The house had a floor, but the ceiling was also used for sleeping. There was a lot of life on the street, "explains the leader, in an interview with the magazine Saturday of El Mercurio.

Although they settled in Chile, Hannibal and his siblings were enrolled in High Frutillar School 10, the former president & # 39; albo & # 39; refused to continue studying when he was 13, claiming that he wanted to work with his father.

"When I told him, he turned around and brought me a broom." He said "Ya, start!" I asked him what he did with the broom. "Go sweep the store, the street, the house, and when you finish, come back! "And so I left, sweeping," he recalls. He never went back to school..

Then, in 1984, her mother died in a car accident in Miami when her father went on vacation for the first time. "Someone hit them from behind. My mother was undone at the time.", Narra Anibal Mosa.

Two years later, his father also died in a car accident. The director of Blanco y Negro says that his family lived through difficult times.

"We had to empastillarnos, to see doctors, therapists, injections: it was terrible. Imagine that when our father dies we still do not assimilate that the mother was dead", explains.

From there, Aníbal Meuse Remember that family life has had a breaking point. In turn, the merchant ventured into various businesses, such as hake fishing or crazy fever, to this day, which is immersed in several areas, including Blanco y Negro SA, where since 2014 is part of the institution's main shareholders.


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