Angie Jibaja was admitted to a rehabilitation center and published an image on her first day


The reality exchica Angie Jibaja did not make a good start for the year after receiving a wave of criticism for tattooing part of her face, and then posting that she "hates them all" Later he said that they want to remove the guardianship of their children, Janko and Gia.

But if only a few days ago he surprised us with a tattoo on one of his eyebrows, today he surpasses himself and He reveals that he voluntarily admitted to a rehabilitation center, of his own free will.

The fact began after the publication of a video in his "stories" on Instagram, where he had the following: "I'm doing it for me, because I want to be well., for my children, for my family, for the few friends I have left and for my fans, "he said.

After that, he published a sensitive picture that read: "It does not shine without darkness."At the same time he gave details about his first day at the hospital, writing the following in the caption:

"First day…. I just want peace, love, health, work, to be 100% for my children and for everything that is to come Thank you for your beautiful messages I love you. Bless.

Recall that during the month of November 2017, Angie Jibaja was admitted to a psychiatric clinic after committing suicide after suffering severe depression.


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