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Android users can now watch YouTube videos from WhatsApp

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Initially, it was only available to iOS system users, but now the Android operating system can also use that floating window that can be slid anywhere on the screen.

Android users will now be able to watch YouTube videos while they chat in WhatsApp. People will not have to leave the chat when they receive a link to the app, just click and wait for the content to play.

This is a new feature that launched the mobile messaging app in early 2018.

Initially, it was only available to iOS (Iphone) users. Now the Android operating system can also make use of this floating window this can be slipped anywhere on the screen.

This feature is called Picture in Picture (PiP).

Now when you submit a YouTube link, you do not have to wait for it to open in the app. Only the URL is clicked and it will open in the same chat. According BBC you can continue to see it going from one conversation to another.

The newspaper also said that when the video is uploaded from YouTube with the "Share" option, that's no problem. But when you copy and paste into the chat, you have to wait a few seconds until a thumbnail image is generated and sent there. Otherwise, it will not generate anything.


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